The Devil Box / Cameras

December 2011

WordPress Core Meetup, Tybee Island, GA

After beating ourselves up on the skating rink, we hauled our battered bodies out to grab a drink at Huc-a-Poos (a Tybee staple with a cringe-worthy website). The first order of business was to pay our respects to the Devil Box, a laptop pinned to the wall by a giant nail.

We avoided any developer sacrifice and settled on the back porch. A pitcher of margaritas, a friendly game of ring toss, and a band with a voice made of wheels on gravel. Bruises soothed by buzz and makeshift icepack cups. I grabbed Mark’s camera and began snapping photos.

Upon returning the wonder-machine, Mark turned to me and said,

“You’re a grown up. You have a job with a salary. You play with every camera you see. Buy one already.”

He has a point.

I’m leaning toward the Nikon D7000 with a 35mm f/1.8 DX lens, though the portability (and price) of the Sony NEX 5N is tempting.

Any suggestions?