Hello world

March 2010

Well, hello. Lately I’ve come across the desire to share thoughts, code, and random minutia that falls outside the scope of the project blog. That desire, combined with my blatant lack of a web presence and love to tinker has led me here. It also gives me a wonderful excuse to play around with all the new features in the WordPress trunk.

The design you see now is a child of the illustrious P2, which provides a nice blend between stream-of-consciousness and essayist blogging. The visuals aren’t set in stone by any means; at the time of writing, the site doesn’t even have any widgets (the horror!). What’s a personal site, if not a work in progress?

In the near future, you’ll likely (hopefully?) hear about the Google Summer of Code, tidbits from Europe (especially Edinburgh), and anything else I feel worth sharing.